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Don’t Waste Your Life

This is a very important message for every believer especially if you are wondering how to live to please God. Won’t it be sad if at the end of your life, you realise that you didn’t live your life as God had ordained? This message reveals God’s mind for your life as a believer so that you would not lose in eternity and also to know that you have done what God made you for. Is it not great that this is made plain and available to us in a book?

FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT AS A CHRISTIAN            It would be a treasure to have a copy of Don’t Waste Your Life as a Christian who desires only to follow God and to please Him; to live a life that would reap eternal benefits for God and for yourself. This is a guide for every Christian who is serious to please God and to live an eternally fruitful life, a life that is useful now and in the age to come. It would be of great help in your growth as a christian of the reading of this message is incorporated into your daily devotions – a chapter day, all year round to constantly have the meaning of living for God fresh on your heart and mind to influence your daily living, motivations and choices.
This book is a classic manual for discipleship at every level of the journey with Christ. It would serve as a good resource for training and grounding new converts in the faith so that they do not live amiss, knowing exactly what God desires and how they can grow and mature as Christians. It can be easily adapted into maturity class programs and discipleship sessions according to the particular topics of christian living as addressed in the book.
If members in particular would grow in love for God and express this love practically in their lives, they must not stray from the God ordained way to live an eternally fruitful life. For this is an expression of our love for the One who first loved us and our reasonable worship to He who made us for His good pleasure and the sure way to find satisfaction and to mature in Christ. Any church ministry looking to develop the proper mindset in members on what it means to live for God and what a life of eternal benefit is, can rely on the message of this book as a recommended resource.

Living A Church Centred Life

Jesus is consumed with a passion and zeal for the church – the living organism which is His Body and what one does with the church of God determines their promotion in the kingdom. Living for the building of the Church through following the Lord in His passion for the accrues rewards and promotion in the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus has called us to the way of the Cross by living in the Cross culture, as we live for God’s desire in His ongoing administration. This living calls for denying one self, overcoming the flesh and self-centeredness and this can be done by living a church centred life.
Every Christian needs to understand what the church is and how they can live for the building of the church and why this should be the life of the Christian. And this can only come about when we have learnt to overcome self-centredness, overcome the flesh and love for God’s interest on earth – building His church.
The church ministry cannot develop and realize its full potential without members in particular living for the building of the church through a church-centred life. Each must know what the church is, what their place in the church is, and how they are to relate with th church in all spheres and details of living.
The message of Living a Church Centred Life is very relevant for this day where self-aggrandizement seems to be the order of the day. This is the message to change our heart posture and to redirect our affections and attention for the church of God so that we have a strong love and concern for the church; so that we are consumed with living only for God’s interest with regards to the church.

From the Garden of Eden to The Island of Patmos

God is a Being of purpose and He does nothing for its own sake; all He does have an eternal goal and motivation. This pervades the out workings of His plans and operations in carrying out this eternal purpose. And we see that being unfolded in the different stages of the rolling out of God’s purpose. This book opens our eyes to see God’s heart and intimates to us His deepest singular desire which motivates His operations throughout the generations and ages of life now and in eternity. We receive an insight into the place of His desire in His dealings with the Patriarchs, the Nation of Israel, the Church, the Nations and the New Jerusalem – how each stage, era and dispensation contributes to the realization of His eternal purpose which would culminate in the fulfilment of His one desire, bearing the fruit of His greatest joy.
“How can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Amos 3:3 For the utmost reason that knowing and understanding God’s desire and goal in His ongoing administration brings a tremendous harmony between the Christian and God, it is imperative to see, understand and live for God’s desire. The message of this book is vital for the Christian’s growth in intimacy with God through having His eyes and His heart and bearing His vision. That is why any Christian who would thrive as living for God’s desire cannot but grab a copy of this message in print.
The ultimate end of discipleship is to become like Christ and to become like Christ is the goal of God’s desire. Seeing and knowing God’s desire in His ongoing administration is discipleship. This makes this book a relevant guide for discipleship.
FOR CHURCH DEVELOPMENT                                                                   The church has a pivotal role and place in God’s ongoing administration which is the sum total of the life of the church now and in eternity. Therefore, the growth of the church is dependent on her understanding and living in and for God’s desire. The church must see, understand and live as is her portion in God’s desire.

From Eternity Past to Eternity Future

Oftentimes when we do not understand why something is happening and the intentions and purposes that motivation things that happen, it is easy for us to get discouraged, lose stem, ditch camp and abandon the course. This concise edition on God’s eternal program gives a general overview and reveals to us where, how and why God conceived His eternal program and where, how, why and when it would be consummated. It opens us to the sacred motivations of God’s heart for man and brings meaning to our lives on earth and in eternity.

Having and reading this eternal message would open the Christian up to know his place in God’s eternal program and know how to live and make full proof of this position. It is an important introductory guide for discipleship into seeing and understanding God’s eternal program and the motivation, reason and means for the life of the Christian on earth and in eternity as it opens up from whence it all began to where it shall culminate.